Life could become rather lonely and challenging in the twilight years. The Tele-Assistance Service Peng On Tung has sought to remedy that through the provision of support, both material and spiritual, for the elderly at the push of a button. As part of their annual collaboration with the Honours College Student Association (HCSA), they have once again enlisted the help of the students of HC.


On November 17, 2019, the volunteers gathered at the E12 Learning Commons. After an introductory briefing by a staff member from Peng On Tung, they set off in pairs towards the Taipa and Seac Pai Van area.

The students were warmly received by the elderly, who welcomed the brief respite from solitude. The students in turn shared their thoughts with their seniors and inquired about their health via questionnaire. Towards the end of each visit, each elderly individual was gifted with snacks and other daily necessities. The students may not be family, but they could still show that they care.





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