It is just the beginning of the semester and everything is getting back on track gradually and orderly. For every student of the university there are many orientations and welcoming activities going on in the meantime. And, obviously, students from the Honours College (HC) also have their activity. Having been battered by Hato, Macau is now growing back to its original shape in one piece, so as the excitement of our new Class 2020 had when they were setting off for Hong Kong for a two-day camp in Noah’s Ark, Ma Wan.

Organized and led by the HCSA, this camp made good use of the weekend of September 2 and 3, 2017, providing a chance for the new cohort of the HC to get use to the family and the community. Beside the new students, this camp was also participated by senior members from Class 2018 and 2019 as well. This big joint class of the HC family formed their internal little groups and took their place in a series of activities prepared by the Noah’s Ark.

This series of activities chiefly featured in team-buildings, communications, and cooperation. Students were often put into tasks that required deep levels of inter-locutions, exchanging of ideas, and most importantly, concrete contributions to the team. Throughout all these activities, students between the classes were getting more comfortable with each other, and it was a joy to see that the classes successful blended in to form the huge HC family.

The two-day session was very short, indeed, but the experience could never fade away. The wind and rain of the passing typhoon did not have their power over the cohesion and the passion within the HC family. There were many things seen and fostered between the students, and ultimately, these would all become one of the most precious memories of their life, an amazing experience of delightful excursion.

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