logo_hps**For students admitted to UM in Academic Year 2016/2017 and before**


The Honours Point Scheme (HPS) is implemented in order to encourage Honours College (HC) students’ active participation and involvement in the college and University of Macau (UM) events and activities, such that an energetic culture and tight-bonding learning environment of HC would be developed, at the same time to enhance the students’ sense of belongingness to the college.

Purpose and Scope

HC students are student ambassadors of the university. They are provided with various opportunities and resources to participate in a great variety of activities both at the college and university level. Through active participation and engagement, students could gain more service learning experiences, thus enhancing their personal growth and leadership development through serving the people and the community.

Honours Point Scheme Structure

Honours Point (HP) can be obtained through participating or organizing the HC (including Honours College Students Association (HCSA) and Honours College Alumni Association (HCAA) and UM activities or events. An HPS Activity Checklist will be provided to each level of HC students (freshmen, junior and senior) at the beginning of each semester for easy reference and better planning. Students are required to earn certain number of HP as listed.

I. College Activities & Events
  • Events initiated and mainly organized by HC that is correlated with the Honours Programme, like Retreats, Admission Ceremony, etc.
II.Supporting Programme
  • Courses/ Workshops that organized to contribute and support students’ learning aside from the Honours Programme, for example, RESHC programme, etc
III.Service Learning – Leadership Development
  • Activities organized by HC that require volunteers so as to develop students’ skill through the event organization.
IV.Participation in Honours College Student Association (HCSA) Activities
  • Activities organized by HCSA that require volunteers so as to develop students’ skill through the event organization;
V.Others (Subject to Availability)
  • Activities organized by other faculties/departments, HCAA activities that invite HC students’ participation.


Guidelines on Honours Points (HP) Earning

  • All HC students should satisfy the Honours Point Scheme (HPS) requirement.
  • The HPS is on semester basis. Notifications will be sent to those students who fail to obtain the minimum HP requirement per semester.
  • An HPS Activity Check List will be published online at the HC website according to students’ year level at the beginning of each semester. Students should plan ahead and register for the activities that have NO time conflicts with their own schedule.
  • The HC General Office will handle the attendance-check for each event/activity. Only sickness, engaging in other class activities or condolence would be accepted for absence. Leave application due to class activity is necessary at least 3 days before the event/activity date, or 3 days after is allowed for sick leave application. Otherwise, no show would be counted for point earning. Please note, other personal reason may not be approved as justified reason for leave. *Student Leave Application Form is available at the HC website.


HPS Activity Checklist  icon_dh (1)

Academic Year 2019/2020, 2nd Semester
HC Seniors – Class of 2020


For enquiry, please contact Ms. Eunice Cheang at tel (853) 8822 4995 for assistance.