This is the Fall time of the year, in terms of the seasons, but there does not seem to be literally a fall on things around us. Or, to put it in another way, one can only rise after the fall. This is the time of harvesting, the golden grains of the Honours College are at their best, preparing themselves for taking the helm of the Honours College Student Association (HCSA).

The HCSA Turnover ceremony was held on November 29, 2017, which featured the passing on of the torch of serving the HC community from Class 2019 to Class 2020. It was indeed an important occasion, that other than our fellow students, distinguished guests and HC fellows were also here, witnessing this very meaningful moment of handing-over.

For the seniors of the Class 2019, this ceremony brought them from a stage to another, that is, the upcoming study abroad semester in the United States and Portugal. Former HCSA President, Mr. Paul Sheung Yan YIP from the Class 2018, who was back from his study abroad semester in Boston College, shared his academic experience overseas to all the participants.

And then it came to the grand finale of the HCSA 2019, when the expecting President last year, Ms. Miki I Teng LEI, who has had her mission accomplished, passed the HCSA stamp to the new President, Odessa Sin Teng MA, and received the gifts from the Class 2020 on behalf of the Class 2019. The ceremony ended in the embarking of new journeys of the two classes.

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