It was another sunny Sunday when the HC Fall Retreat led by Prof. Gertina SCHALKWYK was successfully held on October 8, 2017, when the new cohort of the Class of 2020 stood ready to commence their academic year 2017/2018 as a member of the HC family and community. The Leadership Journey was embarked with a whole-day retreat in which Prof. Gertina SCHALKWYK designed for the students a relax and interactive workshop, with the purpose of fostering their identity as a member of the HC. The Class of 2020 is, needless to say, a group of students with great leadership potential and promising development. To shine a light on the on road of their discovery of their identity, the workshop utilized team-building and cooperative activities, as to raise their awareness of their personal styles, and, of course, their immense leadership potential.


The retreat was not meant to be prescriptive, obviously, but a platform for the HC freshmen to present their talents and to take up the role of leading others. Through a series of game designing and inter-communications between the classmates of the Class of 2020, a cohesive bonding and companionship was established mutually between the freshmen.


The HC Fall Retreat encouraged students facilitate students’ team building, creative thinking, effective decision making and many other purposes. But it was more than that. It was surely the first step of a long-lasting friendship, a true companion to the HC family, and cornerstones of the future society.

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