On the morning of Sunday, April 22, 2018, the quiet lobby of the Honours College underwent a terrific transformation. Balloons festooned the walls and colorfully-written boards designated game booths with quirky names like “Grab Your Chance” and “Focus On Your Point”. A photo spot and video gallery were also on display to highlight the activities of the HC. The decorators went all out, for it was a special day – the 37th anniversary of UM.

For the first-timers who were helping the HC during Open Day, the sheer number of visitors coming into the building was an astonishing sight. The helpers were soon occupied with supervising the games and introducing the HC to the visitors. It comes as no surprise that the Open Day is the busiest time of the year on campus.

Outside, the atmosphere was charged with a liveliness only felt a couple of times a year on campus. Many booths of various faculties and associations hawked their wares. Balloons of all colors gave away the places their holders had been to. Music blasted trendy tunes from loudspeakers lining the Central Avenue.

Throughout the afternoon, the wave of visitors showed no signs of relenting. However, everything must come to an end, and the Open Day officially closed at 5 in the afternoon. The following cleanup was accompanied by enthusiastic students who took pictures to remind themselves of this day and the battle they went through to promote the HC through entertainment and service.




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