With a transition into a new campus, changes to its curriculum and even its dean, the Honours College (HC) has come a long way since its founding in 2009. On September 11, 2019, ten years later, HC celebrated its 10th Anniversary Celebration Opening Ceremony with a back-to-back Photo Exhibition and its Admission Ceremony for the academic year 2019/2020.


The HC 10th Anniversary Celebration Opening Ceremony was held in the UM Gallery. The opening speech was given by the Dean of HC, Prof Rose Neng LAI. Praising the advances made by HC and the reputable positions many of its alumni have gone on to achieve in society, Prof LAI expressed gratitude towards the people who made this happen. She offered thanks to the HC staff and administration, as well as the liaison officers, RC masters and associated professors. Without them, she said, HC would not be able to come to this day.


Officiating guests University Council Chair Dr. Peter Kam Seng LAM, Acting Rector Prof. Rui MARTINS, Founding Dean of HC Prof Kai Meng MOK, President of HC Alumni Association Mr. Samson Cheuk Him LEE, together with Dean of HC Prof. Rose Neng LAI, made handprints on canvas, marking the beginning of the HC 10th anniversary celebration. The opening ceremony ended with a preview of the photo exhibition. For the following month, the memories of HC will be displayed for all to see.


Meanwhile in the Library Auditorium, the Honours College Admission Ceremony of the academic year 2019/2020 was underway. Following immediately from the 10th anniversary opening ceremony, Dean of HC Prof. Rose Neng LAI came up to give the opening speech. She declared that the torch of the Honours College will now be passed to the incoming students. They will notably represent the beginning of the next decade of the Honours College, she said as she wished them well.


Dean of HC Prof. Rose Neng LAI presided over the presentation of the admission certificates, alongside Acting Rector Prof. Rui MARTINS, Vice Rector of Research Prof. Wei GE, Vice Rector of Student Affairs Prof. Billy Kee Long SO, Vice Rector of Administration Dr. Mei KOU . The ceremony was brought to a memorable close with an oath-taking by newly-admitted students.


The two events mark only a beginning; much would be expected from the HC throughout the academic year and indeed in the following decade as it evolves and adapts to the current times.







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