1)   What documents should I submit for the reimbursement application?
Completed Reimbursement form with supervisor signature and original receipt(s) with claimer’s signature.
What kinds of document should I submit if the reimbursed expenses are related to conference participation?
Supporting documents such as invitation e-mail or registration notification sent by the conference organizing committee.
When should I submit the reimbursement application?
You should submit the reimbursement application within 2 months of the invoice/receipt date or the end date of the activities. For example, if a 3-day conference ends on 1 February 2019, the reimbursement applications relating to this conference must be submitted to HC General Office for settlement before 1 April 2019. Exact deadline please refer to the Honours Project working schedule.
Do I need to obtain quotations for my purchase?
Yes, you need to be obtain at least three quotations for every goods/ service that you purchased.
Can I use coupon as reward for the survey interviewee(s)?
Yes, cash coupon can be a kind of reward. However, there is an upper limit of MOP20 for each cash coupon. You should submit an “Award or Prize Receipt Acknowledgement” together with the reimbursement application form to HC General Office for processing.
Can I recruit helpers for data collection? How much should I pay for the helpers?
You can recruit helpers to assist in the data collection process only having your supervisor’s consent. According to the University of Macau Guidelines for Student Trainee Scheme, the hourly rate is MOP48/hour for general work and MOP66/hour for technical work. You should submit a “Participation Record” together with the reimbursement application form to the HC General Office for processing.
Shoud I keep the durable purchases such as thumb drive or books for myself after completion of project?
No, you should return the durable goods to the HC General Office.






















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