The HONR1000 Honours Project is a compulsory project-based course of the Honours Programme. The following are a list of general learning objectives of the course:-

  • Caring about the community: It aims at nurturing students’ awareness on current issues of local and global communities, and everyday problems.
  • Research Skills: Students should be able to integrate research skills related and/or outside their discipline in completing the final project.
  • Project management skills: Students learn to manage a project in a timely and organized fashion either independently or with peers in groups.
  • Communication skills: Students will develop oral and written presentation skills that prepare them for further academic studies and professional practices. Students are expected to orally present information in a clear and organized manner, as well as write well organized and concise project reports in a scientifically/professionally appropriate style.
  • Team skills: it is a team work and the project have to be done with teammates; therefore, they will learn to work effectively in a group, be effective leaders as well as effective team members, and interact productively with a diverse set of peers.

Course Nature

Students are required to complete a 3-credit creative scholarly and academically project in the form of a research paper under the supervision of a faculty advisor and Residential College fellow before their graduation. The course brings together students of different majors to conduct small group research and discussion on current issues of local and global communities, and everyday problems. Students are motivated to develop their skills on critical thinking, multidisciplinary approach to problem solving, and teamwork. Students have to present results of their projects at the “Honours Project Presentation” held in the end of the semester.

Funding Support

Resources are available through University funding and is only applicable to expenses associated with production of the Honours Project. A funding of totally MOP 3,000 per student group is approved by the University. For details regarding to fundable items, you may refer to the reimbursement guideline(Download here) and the Frequency Asked Questions (FAQ).

Honours Project Presentation (webpage)

The Honours Project Presentation provides an opportunity to highlight the students’ academic achievements across all majors, programs, departments and divisions. It also provides a forum for students to demonstrate their understanding of perspectives, theories, concepts and skills they learnt and acquired from the Honours College. Through oral presentation, a platform for better interaction between the students, the supervisors and the individuals of their fields of study is formed.

Download Area

Guidelines Governing the Format of Abstract, Proposal and Project ReportDownload here
Guideline for Oral PresentationDownload here
Guideline for Reimbursement ApplicationDownload here
Honours Project Title, Abstract and Proposal Submission FormDownload here
Honours Project Report Cover Page  (Sample here)Download here
Honours Project Report Declaration PageDownload here
Honours Project Reimbursement Application FormDownload here
Honours Project Award or Prize Receipt Acknowledgement FormDownload here
Honours Project Student Helper Participation Record FormDownload here
Honours Project Pre-enrollment FormDownload here
Honours Project Student Peer Evaluation FormDownload here


For enquiry, please contact Ms. Mia Choi at tel (853) 8822 4855 or Ms. Dorothy Choi at tel (853) 8822 4973 for assistance.