Every year during mid of the spring semester, Honours College (HC) enrolls new students through open admission. This year, the open admission period is from February 25 to March 8, 2019. During the open admission period, Honours College Student Association (HCSA) organizes a series of activities mainly for students who are interested to enroll to the Honours Programme, so as to allow them to know more about HC and prepare for the upcoming challenges they will face. These activities include the leadership workshops, community service, “HC Tutor Programme” workshop and “Meet with HC Students”.


Two leadership workshops were held in the afternoon of Feb 27 and Mar 6. Both workshops aimed to increase participants’ leadership, team cooperation and communication skills through conducting various team-based games. For example, in the first workshop students are asked to form groups and complete tasks in the campus. Students are given hints to find out where they should go for the task, or what they have to do in the task. They are highly required to cooperate with other team members, in order to finish the game.

For the community service, HCSA held “Let’s Clean Our City!” which groups around 30 students to Long Chao Kok Coastal Trail and clean the surrounding areas on Mar 9. This activity aims to increase students’ awareness of the importance of serving and giving back to the community as a member of the society. Also, students are reminded to be eco-friendly and cherish the resources we have in their daily life.


“HC Tutor Programme” is a programme aimed to provide learning assistance to UM students, and serve as a interactive platform between HC students and other UM students. This workshop, which was held on Mar 8, again introduces the programme to UM students, and reserves time for student participants to ask questions and seek advice from our students.


In order to give our target students a more clear and comprehensive view of HC, “Meet with HC Students” were held on Feb 26. In the activity, senior HC students were invited to introduce the programme of HC and share their experiences of being a HC student, such as the study abroad experience. Through this activity, prospective students have a clearer idea of the Honours College.






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