For most students, the first few weeks of summer break are usually spent in blissful relaxation, but for 5 HC students from the FBA, it was all about business. On June 9, the team with the optimistic name “Happiness Chasers” travelled to Hong Kong to participate in the Cross-Strait, Hong Kong and Macao Accounting and Business Competition.

“We have prepared for a while for this competition. We worked so hard — especially John, our leader. We bonded together and it’s quite good team work. I also found out it’s quite an opportunity to learn from other teams and improve ourselves,” said Horatio HOU of Class 2020.

“It was a great experience. We learnt from others’ presentation styles, like they were presenting in a marketing way and acting as if they were in a drama. We also gained insight into analysing a company, and that’s pretty good for our future investments,” commented Mayava LEONG, also of Class 2020.

Being the only team from UM that got into the final round, the Happiness Chasers managed to achieve the Second Prize. They could now look forward to enjoying the rest of the summer, and prepare their minds for the next challenge.










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