Many changes have happened at the Honours College over the course of the academic year. The admission ceremony saw nearly 200 students join the ranks of HC, the curriculum evolved to integrate new practices, and a new Dean was chosen to guide HC through the upcoming decade. While the Honours College Student Association (HCSA) still exists, the old space where the HCSA Turnover Ceremony and Study Abroad Pre-departure Gathering was held would no longer be sufficient for holding so many people. As such, the Ceremony venue has been updated to the spacious commons in the Faculty of Education on November 29, 2019.


The new schedule added a twist to the otherwise straightforward ceremony with the incorporation of the HC 10th anniversary events and activities. This time, an awards ceremony celebrated winners of the HC 10th anniversary activities held last month, the HC Leadership Composition and Activity Design Competition.


To mark the official turnover, outgoing HCSA Vice-President Mr. Chris LEONG, on behalf of the President, passed the HC ceremonial stamp to incoming president Ms. Cheryl CHEANG. Arriving in the nick of time to observe the special occasion, Dean Rose Neng LAI came forth to present the Dean’s Speech. The new Dean shared an anecdote about helping a couple with directions, and stressed the importance of kindness in an era which is actively eroding the virtue.


Post-ceremony, seniors Ms. Candy WU and Mr. Johnny GAO took to the stage to share their study abroad experience in the US. They encouraged students who would soon depart for the US and Portugal to enjoy their time there to the fullest. Near the end, guests wrote their hopes and expectations for the HC on a specially-prepared ema (written wishes on wooden cards) board. The event was finally capped off with refreshment and several rounds of Bingo.


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