Short description of project
​This research is organized to conduct an in-depth quantitative analyses on the linkage between tourism and income inequality of China, to estimate the contributions of tourism on inequality alleviation. In particular, the objective is to assess if tourism can be viewed as a driver to bring about income convergence. The main research question is that by developing tourism, whether the initially poorer regions of China can achieve more rapid income growth to catch up with the initially richer regions or not.
Information of Offered Internship
Level of Internship Hours per Month
Level 2 - 50 hours
Commencement Month
5 Months
Internship requirements: i.e. work, practice and training
​With basic economic knowledge, to have the patience to deal with data and conduct simple data processing, to understand how to utilize the reference sources and databases of UM to conduct academic papers' collection and literature review.

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