Short description of project
​With the social progress, the lighting and display technologies are increasingly closely related to our daily life. Lighting sourses with lower energy consumption and more authentic colors are needed to satisfy the requirements of human society. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) with high effeciency light emission layers is considered as the most potential way to realize the next generation lighting sourses. Quantum Dot LED (QLED) is a new star in this area, and has attracted much attention and made great progresses. 
In this project, the influence of metal nanocrystals on the performance of QLEDs will be studied. The interaction between the metal nanocrystals and emission layer of QLED would be helpful to improve the efficiency and lifetime of QLED.
Students may learn the synthesis of nanomaterials and the process of fabricating a QLED, as well as the working mechanism of QLED.
Information of Offered Internship
Level of Internship Hours per Month
Level 3 - 60 hours
Commencement Month
3 Months
Internship requirements: i.e. work, practice and training
​Full of creative passion and imagination
Good at handcraft
Interest in science & technology
Basic physical knowledge
Basic experimental knowledge

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