Short description of project
The situation of product development and selling in a startup enterprise is very different from large organizations, and also inter-twined. Most startups are dependent on the founders who do most of the work, and the sales or marketing departments is generally absent. Most startups would have the founder her/himself involved in product development as well as selling the product/s by reaching out to their customers, at best with the help of a very small team.
Given that the startups are inherently different from large organizations, the difference also exists in their go-to-market strategies for product and market development, our research project is aimed to understand how the product development processes in a startup, and also the sales processes. It would be interesting to understand the process followed by the founders and his small team to re-iterate between various product versions to eventually come up with the final version of the product that results in meeting the revenue goals. Understanding these inter-twined processes in a startup, after its founding and before the startup sets up a formal sales process using a sales force to sell the product, would unravel new insights for researchers, entrepreneurs, as well as managers.

The research questions that we address in this research project are as following:
1. How are the sales processes in startups (India and China) intertwined with product development processes?
a. How are these processes fundamentally different in India compared to China?
2. How are the two processes (product development and sales) leads to shorter time to market successful startups?
a. How do these two processes change over the startup lifecycle?
Information of Offered Internship
Level of Internship Hours per Month
Level 3 - 60 hours
Commencement Month
6 Months
Internship requirements: i.e. work, practice and training
The intern will help research and write up the literature review.
The intern will be asked to contact and interview managers/founders of at least 15 startups in China.
The intern will translate and transcribe the internviews into English.
The intern will be trained in analysing the interviews and will be asked to assist in the analysis.

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