The Honours College students joined the “Walk for a Million 2017” organised by the Macao Daily News Readers Charity Fund last Sunday, December 10, 2017. This featured charity event of the city has been constantly supported by the HC students for several consecutive years already.


The HC students are always passionate and enthusiastic towards this walk, though it has been through several generations of cohort, this spirit does not seem to be, to any extent, altered. This year, the Honours College has won the most number of participation in the group participation category, which is the second consecutive year of this student organization to the successful grouping of participators.

Although it was amidst the exam period of the university, students did not refrain from showing their awareness of the importance of charity and public welfare. They met up at 11:30 a.m. at the Macau Cultural Centre, and started the walking carrying a refreshed and light-hearted mentality. After, this event reminds the students their responsibilities as a Macao citizen as well as the expecting pillars of the future society.

Promoting the idea of “all for one, one for all”, the “Walk for a Million” aims at raising public awareness on charity and the importance of contributing to a common goal, or for the common good. As one of the most energetic and passionate community in Macao, the HC students will never have their enthusiasm faded, and will persevere to take action for the society.

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