39 Students, 31 supervisors, the HONR400 Honours Project. On the afternoon of Wednesday, April 25, 2018, in the unassuming concrete block that is the E4 building, an outpouring of knowledge is taking place. This was where Class 2018 shared the research findings of their Honours Project with the students and professors of the university in the 7th Undergraduate Honours Project Symposium.

Visitors during this event were treated to a wide range of topics covered by the presenters – from “A Study of Subtitle Translation Of The Simpsons” to “Central Limit Theorem of High Dimensional Poisson Regression”. Held in separate classrooms, each presentation was a crystallization of effort from both student and supervisor over the course of the academic year, and as such were given with great fluency and passion. A poster exhibition also introduced each students’ research to the public.

With the conclusion of the Symposium, the stars of Class 2018 have proven that they are exemplary models for future generations of HC students. With the majority of their trials over, they could finally celebrate the success of their projects and look forward to graduating with honours.






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