Welcome to the Honours College of the University of Macau, a home for students with high academic potential who aspire to not only pursuing excellence in academic studies and future professional fields but also to being all-rounded, passionate, respectful, empathetic, and contributing to the Society and its members. To realize this aspiration, the College has meticulously designed a programme that blends in studying opportunities at international top universities, interdisciplinary research experience, leadership training and courses, service-learning opportunities, and learning from local and global leaders from various areas. In short, we strive to support students to develop their potential to the very best and to nurture them to become future leaders.

 Our goal is to foster a conducive environment that would broaden their views about the breadth and depth of the world, be more understanding and accommodating with different culture and history, enhance their talented areas, all of which are indispensable for their scholarship, leadership and contribution, through collaborating with Faculties and Residential Colleges.

 I shall look forward to meeting you in person, whether you are our students, our potential students, parents of our students, or scholars, at our Honours College.

Professor Rose Neng LAI
Professor in Finance
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