To provide high achieving undergraduates the opportunities, knowledge and skills to

  • achieve academic excellence
  • build multi-disciplinary experience and international perspective
  • establish leadership and social responsibility

Graduates of the college would be ready to

  • enter internationally competitive graduate schools
  • pursue successful careers
  • lead fulfilling personal and civic lives
  • be future LEADERS for Macao and beyond


  • To recruit high achieving undergraduates from all majors.
  • To immerse them in a multi-disciplinary environment.
  • To provide them with an enhanced and supportive intellectual, social and international experience that acculturates them to become intellectual achievers and globally competitive LEADERS committed to collaborative and creative thinking with civic responsibility in mind.
  • To promote achievements of the honours students hence increasing the visibility of the university to attract top student enrollments locally, regionally and internationally.

This mission will be accomplished through

  • a specially designed Honours Programme
  • the commitment of the university, active involvement of the faculty & staffs, and strong participation of the students