Programme Overview

The Research Experiences for Students of Honours College (RESHC) Programme is a yearly programme which jointly organized by the Honours College (HC) and the Research Services and Knowledge Transfer Office (RSKTO) of the University of Macau. The funding support for the Programme comes from the University Research Fund via the RSKTO. Faculty members holding research projects at the university are invited as mentors for the RESHC Programme. Based on the recommendations from mentors, the HC will endorse suitable HC student internship placement to the RSKTO for approval and stipend arrangement.

Purpose and Scope

  • Serves to provide an opportunity for HC students to participate in research projects as interns, gaining research experiences on top of their undergraduate studies.
  • Promotes technical and/or creative training for students, as well as interactions between students and the research community.

Internship Offer and Application

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Internship Duration and Monthly Internship Hours

  • Duration of the internship is three to six months; a longer duration could be considered if the work of the internship is helpful for the student’s honours project.
  • All approved internship should start on the 1st or the first working day of the month.
  • The average internship hours per month is within 40 to 50 hours at the discretion of the mentors.

CS Point

  • Interns will be given CS points in the area of “Citizenship with Global Perspectives” upon completion of the internship. CS points for different internship duration are shown as below table:
Internship period
Average Internship
hours per month
CS points
When will the CS points be recorded?
Jun – Aug / Sep – Nov
40 – 50
Sep / Dec
Jun – Sep
Sep and Oct
Jun – Oct
Sep and Nov
Jun – Nov
Sep and Dec
  • Student should submit the Monthly Student Participation Record to the HC General Office on or before the working day of 10th of next month.

To know more about the programme, please refer to the RESHC Programme Guidelines and RESHC Programme working flowchart. For enquiry, please contact the HC Office for assistance.

Offering Projects