What is it?

The HC Study Abroad Mentor Programme is launched and designed that senior HC students (who went study abroad as mentor) to share their experiences, valuable knowledge and information, even some kinds of ‘tips’ and ‘hints’ to the junior HC students (who will be abroad in the coming semester, as mentee). Through a series of sharing and mentoring, a mentor-mentee relationship, a supporting and mentoring culture among cross cohorts are developed in the college. At the same time, mentee would be able to:

  1. Integrate immediately upon their arrival at the partner university;
  2. Develop a sharper focus on what is necessary to know, e.g. courses to take, enrollment procedures to learn, etc.
  3. Whilst, mentor would also be benefited from:
  4. Enhancing their service-learning experiences;
  5. Promoting personal growth and development by learning different perspectives from the mentees.

Furthermore, the knowledge and information shared could be accumulated to build up a database for the upcoming students in the college.


What is my role?


  1. 1 to 2 coordinator(s) per one partner university
  2. Make sure mentors do contact with mentees in each study group
  3. Have mentors reported the mentoring process and updates to you once
  4. Report to HC staff the progress of the programme once in a month. If any in every two weeks, if the mentors did not contact you, please contact them.

problem is found out and cannot be solved at once, please report to HC staff immediately.



All HC senior students are automatically become mentors in this programme after they finished Study Abroad semester. Mentors should contact with the assigned mentee(s) at least twice a month, contact methods such as via email, phone calls, text messages, in person meeting etc. will be totally fine. There is no limitation on certain kind of contact methods, mentoring pairs could choose the communication way suit them the most without greatly interfere daily life.


Once mentors get the contact information of you mentees, you can start contacting them, we encourage two-ways communication that means mentor is not the only person to contact mentee, but mentee could actively contact mentors for any enquiries regarding study abroad issues.



All HC junior students are automatically become mentees in this programme after they completed the first year of Honours Programme. Each mentee will be assigned a mentor according to their major or host university for the Study Abroad semester.

All members involve in the programme should NOT disclose and use the personal contact information for any purposes other than for mentoring use.

*There will be occasions that Coordinator will also be one of the mentors in the programme, in this case, student who possesses dual identity should carry the corresponding responsibilities accordingly.