The program aims to offer University of Macau (UM) students learning assistance, including study strategies, process of course materials and preparation of tests/exams. From the viewpoint of Honours College (HC) students, this program provides a service learning opportunity. In addition, the program also provides an interactive platform between HC students and UM students.


Program Description

From 2011 September, Honours College (HC) students will initiate the tutor program, which will serve undergraduate students in UM. All tutors are current HC students with outstanding academic results, who master good study strategies and have positive learning attitude. Classes are process-oriented, learner-centered and require the active involvement from each student.

Tutors will help in these areas:

  • Study strategies (e.g. Time management)
  • Specific course content
  • Tests/Exams preparation


Students can apply for tutoring services through online appointment in advance, in which they can specify requests (particular courses, tests and another interested tutor who is not listed in the schedule). Moreover, students will evaluate tutors’ performance after each service so that tutors can gain feedbacks and elevate quality of tutoring in the future.



The tutoring classes will be offered once to twice a week, 1 hour 30 minutes for each class. There will be 7-8 tutors each class. All classes are strongly recommended to be English-oriented except for non-English-oriented majors. No more than 3 tutors with the same major in each class.


For matching a suitable tutor for a student, early appointment will be essential. Tutors (from different majors) will register 1-2 weeks before a class so that a specific list will be available for students’ appointments. Confirmation emails will be sent to both tutors and students after appointments have been completed. The appointment is on a first-come-first-served basis.