Sponsorship to HC Student Association (HCSA)


  • In line with the policies of Macao SAR Government and the University of Macau, the Honours College (HC) helps to create opportunities for HC students to achieve academic excellence, build international perspective, achieve whole person development and establish leadership and social responsibility by sponsoring student association to organize various types of activities.


  • Honours College Student Association (HCSA)

Funding Application Period

  • Open for application throughout the year

Scope of the Funding

  • Activities organized by HCSA
  •  The expenses generated from organizing HCSA activities, such as venue decoration, material needed for the activities, etc.

Document Submission

  • Applications should be submitted in the format of an activity proposal, which includes a detailed budget plan, to-buy-item list, activity committee members list and/ or other supplementary information to HC Office at least 10 working days before the activity held.

Funding Review Procedures

  • The activity proposal submitted by HCSA will be analyzed and reviewed by Dean of HC.
  • Funding applications are approved based on the following principles:
    o Effectiveness and efficiency
    o Appropriateness
    o Choice of excellence
    o Proper use of public funds
  • Funding results will be informed by email.

Funding Amount

  •  The funding amount is at a maximum of 70% of the total expenditure of each activity.

Duties and Obligations of Beneficiaries; Consequences of Not Complying With the Duties and Obligations of Beneficiaries

  •  The HCSA activities should be conducted according to the activity proposal submitted during the application (except for emergencies and under unforeseen circumstances).
  •  HCSA shall provide true information and declaration, and ensure that all funding applications and reimbursement applications are made in accordance to the rules and guidelines of UM and HC.
  •  HCSA should make good use of social resources when organizing activities.
  • Under the following circumstances, HC may issue warning, deduct or cancel the funding:
    o HCSA violates the objectives of which the funding is granted and does not fulfil the obligations designated by HC;
    o HCSA obtains funding by providing false statements or by other illegal means;
    o HCSA fails to submit required supporting information or documents to HC;
    o HCSA decides to cancel or terminate the funded activity;
    o HCSA made substantial changes to the funded activity. It may be exempted in case of any emergencies or under unforeseen circumstances which had gained prior approval from HC.
    o If HCSA violates the above-mentioned obligations, HC may decide not to accept funding applications within a certain period of time. This period validity depends on the degree of violation.
  • During the procedures relating to the application, those who have made untruthful declarations, provided false information or obtained the benefits under the subsidy by any illegal means shall bear the administrative, civil and criminal responsibilities under the law, and should return to the University the monetary value granted under the subsidy.


  • Tel: (853) 8822 4974
  • Email: hc.enquiry@um.edu.mo