Honours College Certificate Programme

(for students admitted to UM in Academic Year 2020/2021 and after)

Students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in UM could be admitted to the Honours College Certificate Programme through three different ways:

Admission Channel WHO
can apply?
to apply?
to apply?

Direct Admission

(For AY2024/2025)

Incoming first-year students who are offered any of the following scholarship awards are eligible for application of expedited admission to the Honours College, and will be admitted upon passing the admission interview.

  • UM Grand Lotus Scholarship (by Principals’ Recommended Admission)
  • UM Golden Lotus Scholarship (by Principals’ Recommended Admission & Admission Examination channels)
  • UM Full Scholarship for Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan students
  • International Student Scholarship (Full Scholarship)
  • Any other scholarships subject to the University’s decision
Students have to return the “Statement of Acceptance to Join the Honours College” to UM Registry as per the announced deadline.


Admission interview:
September, 2024

Open Application

(For AY2024/2025)

Students (1st year of study for 4-year programme and 2nd year of study for 5-year programme) could apply through open application

  • A minimum of 3.3 cumulative GPA (Scale Average 15 for Faculty of Law) is required at the time of application and admission.
Qualified students could submit application through the online application system with the following document:-

  1. Comprehensive personal Curriculum Vitae
  2. Personal statement addressing your reason in pursuing the Honours College Certificate Programme and your leadership potential [300 word limit written in English]
  3. Diplomas/certificates of participation in extra-curricular activities and community service [Optional]
  4. Certificates/records of honours & awards obtained [Optional]

Applicants will be assessed based on their academic and extracurricular documents submitted with the application, and by interview if needed.

Application period:
March 11 – 22, 2024

(The interview will be arranged by students’ home faculty in April)

Recommended Admission

(For AY2024/2025)

Students (1st year of study for 4-year programme and 2nd year of study for 5-year programme) who have demonstrated strong leadership potential, stronger participation in services and/or special talents in areas such as arts, sports, language, music, literature can be admitted by recommendation of Masters of RCs and Dean of Students.

  • A minimum of 3.0 cumulative GPA (Scale Average 14 for Faculty of Law) is required at the time of recommendation and admission.
  • Students are required to have two-semester RC residency for 4-year programme (four-semester for 5-year programme) by the time of application.
  • For students admitted through recommendation of RC Masters and Dean of Students, maintain full residency on RC except during study abroad period.
Each RC Master and the Dean of Students could recommend two students per year into the Honours College. Interested students may approach your corresponding RC or SAO for details. Nomination period:
June, 2024