Application for Testimonial
Students could apply for testimonial to certify attendance of courses offered/ events organized by the College. Please submit the form 3 workings days prior the date of desire to obtain the Testimonial.
Student Leave Application Form
Applicable to justified leave application (e.g. sickness, engaging in other class activities or condolence) for Honours class, forums, retreat, or any leadership training activities only. Approved leave will not be counted as absence from classes. Please note, other personal reason may not be approved as justified reason for leave. Please submit the form 3 working days before the class/ activity take place.
Graduation Requirements Checklist (For Honours Programme 17)Honours College students should monitor their own progress constantly and to check if the programme requirements are being fulfilled to avoid any delay in graduation.  For self-checking procedure, students could refer to the Graduation Requirements Self-Checking Instructions (Honours Programme 17).
Application for Recommendation Letter
– Student Information Sheet
Honours College students who would like to apply for recommendation letter, please fill in this information sheet and send the completed.
Student’s Reimbursement Application Form

Students should obtain prior approval for any reimbursement/ subsidy through written proposal to HC. The reimbursement could be done by filling the form and presenting original receipts or relevant document to HC General Office.

Study Abroad
HC Study Abroad Learning AgreementHonours College students in their second year of study in HC will prepare for “Study Abroad”. For course-taking arrangements, studnets are required to submit their learning agreement and course description forms to corresponding personnel for approval before departure. Please read the instructions for filling in the forms: Study Abroad Course-taking Instructions
HC Study Abroad Course Description Form
Supplementary forms for reference