Faculty members holding projects supported by the University Research Fund or the Science and Technology Development Fund of Macao S.A.R. (FDCT), are invited to offer internship positions.


What to consider before joining the programme?

  1. Faculty members should ensure that the offered Research Experience internship position has no interest contradiction on the terms and conditions with his/her ongoing funded research project(s).
  2. Faculty members in general should only accept one intern per project. For mentors who have multiple projects and would like to offer multiple internships, separate forms are required for submission.
  3. Invited Faculty members can simply submit the RESHC Internship Offering Form (online) for processing, thus becoming the mentor of the programme.


What to do to follow up?

  1. Mentors could then select the right intern through a simple selection and interview process.
  2. Upon obtaining the approval of intern matching from RSKTO, the HC General Office will notify mentor to start the internship programme.


What’s your responsibilities?

  1. Mentors are responsible for guiding the interns, and reviewing their work on a regular basis.
  2. The average internship hours per month is within 40 to 50 hours at the discretion of the mentors.
  3. Upon the end of the internship programme, mentors and interns shall fill in the Internship Report (pdf format) for HC and RSKTO’s record.

Interested faculty mentors please refer to the RESHC Programme Guidelines and RESHC Programme working flowchart for more information.