Only Honours College students are eligible to apply for the RESHC internship positions.

Why and How to apply?

– Accepted students are able to participate in different kinds of research activities supervised by professional researchers.
– Interested HC students should fill in the RESHC Internship Application Form (online) and submit to the HC General Office for processing.

What’s your responsibilities?

  1. Upon acceptance, interns should take the initiative to work with their mentors in order to deepen their research learning experience.
  2. Interns are responsible in submitting their work regularly for their mentors’ review.
  3. Interns need to fill in their monthly Student Participation Record (word format) and submit to UMMoodle on or before the 10th day of next month.
  4. Upon completion of his/her internship programme, interns must submit an Internship Report (PDF format) to UMMoodle.
  5. All interns should follow the RESHC Programme guidelines, any misconduct attitude or failure in comply with the Programme guidelines may lead to termination of internship placement.

Interested students please refer to the RESHC Programme Guidelines and RESHC Programme working flowchart for more information.

Forms for HC Students
Student Participation Record (word format)
Internship Report (PDF format)