Supplementary Information

To fulfil the Service and Leadership Learning requirement of the Honours College Certificate Programme (HC20) and Honours Programme (HC17), honours college students have to demonstrate their leadership skills and services on and/or off campus by satisfying requirements through the Whole Person Development Award Programme offered by the Student Affairs Office (SAO), or an equivalent programme recognized by SAO.

Starting from academic year 2021/2022, the 5 CS areas of development have been regrouped into 7 CS areas of development.  Since HC students have to earn a minimum of 900 cumulative Competency Score (CS) with a minimum of 150 CS in each of the 5 core areas of development (previous version) for graduation, a conversion between the pervious 5 CS areas and the current 7 CS areas have been made to cater the Service and Leadership Learning requirement of HC programme.

The CS scores earned in the current 7 CS areas will be automatically converted into the previous 5 areas respectively in the system. For better illustration, please refer to the following table for the conversion.

7 CS Areas of Development

            (Applied since Academic Year 2021/2022 by SAO)

5 CS Areas of Development

       ( Service and Leadership Learning requirement of HC)

1. Cultural Engagement 1. Cultural Engagement
2. Teamwork and Collaboration 2. Interpersonal Relation and Teamwork
3. Healthy Lifestyle 3. Healthy Living
4. Service and Leadership 4. Leadership and Service
5. Responsible Citizenship
6. Global Competitiveness 5. Citizenship with Global Perspectives
7. Knowledge Integration

Should you have further enquires on the conversion, please feel free to contact the HC Office at +853 8822 4974 or

For details about the Whole Person Development Programme, please visit the Student Affairs Office website.