On Friday, November 30, 2018, the E12 Learning Common was transformed for a special occasion. Under the trademark gold and purple colours of the Honours College, a black chalkboard blazed with the words “HCSA Turnover Ceremony and Pre-Departure Gathering”. It was time for a new generation of leaders to take up the responsibilities of the old.

The Ceremony was highlighted by speeches given by Dean MOK, outgoing Vice-president Candice Wenyi HUANG, and incoming President Alisa Yingjia WAN. Four generations of HC students, together with distinguished guests, bore witness to the moment when the silver HCSA stamp transferred hands from Vice-president Candice to President Alisa.

Following the introduction of the new board of HCSA, two students from Class 2019, John Ka Kit LEONG, and Tiffany Sok U SIU, shared their experiences of studying abroad. They talked about difficulties faced, lessons learnt and people met. They encouraged students to be inquisitive, to treasure their bonds and cherish the time spent overseas. They also emphasized the support people could get from others.

The Ceremony concluded with the presentation of gifts to the old HCSA by Dean MOK. The remaining time was given to enjoying refreshments, taking pictures at the photo booths and an intense bingo game. There was no better way to mark the end of semester and bid farewell to the students of Class 2020, who will begin new lives in the US and Portugal next semester. Expectations are high for the new HCSA board to lead and create a better HC.