On a nice Sunday, January 12, 2020, the UM opened its gates to welcome all visitors to its Open Day. As part of the festivities, HC converted its multi-function room into a mini carnival ground, complete with exhibitions, game booths and handicrafts workshops for the purpose of letting the public knows about HC in an interactive way.


At the “Time Traveling” section, photo boards gave visitors an immersive look into the events hosted by HC, from the leadership-building retreats to the overseas study abroad programmes. The “Studying Abroad” game booth allowed players to test their dart-throwing skills and see whether their projectile hits the selected university. On the other hand, visitors could flex their mental muscles by matching question cards with the right answers at “Puzzle Time”. Active participants were rewarded with HC-themed prizes such as eco-friendly fabric bags and power banks.


For DIY lovers, the Sachet Workshop offered the perfect opportunity to craft flower-scented sachets for a modest 10 MOP with all the proceeds go to a charity organization Australian Red Cross, amid the Australia fire burning across New South Wales and Victoria. Throughout the morning and the greater part of the afternoon, long lines were seen as a steady influx of visitors came through the doors of HC. Families with children in tow, couples walking hand in hand, and curious high school students were just a fraction of the thousands which enjoyed their time in UM and know about HC as well as its programmes that day.