HC online alumni sharing was held on 10 February. Jennifer Liu is the speaker, who shared about her journey in North America. Jennifer was an HC student, graduated in 2013. She paved her career path in North America by furthering her studies there, in which she went for exchange to the University of Michigan in 2012, and continued her postgraduate studies in the WI Marquette University for the Master of Science in Accounting.


Most importantly, she mentioned that HC taught her lots of things, including having the leadership mindset, taking initiative, be positive and getting out of the comfort zone. HC’s study abroad requirement helps her to see the world, broaden her vision and global horizon, in that she built confidence, attained numerous skills through the exchange programme, which includes communication, social, and interpersonal skills.


In addition, leadership and soft skills are more significant than merely achieving high GPA. Soft skills such as taking initiative, being more active, open-minded and getting involved, also gaining student club leadership experience, grabbing the opportunities for internship, and maintaining massive networking are crucial for job seeking and future career.


On the other hand, the most difficult things she encountered during her studies in North America include several factors. For instance, she realized that having a strong mind is essential in improving English skills, attending events with local students, balancing studies, activities and internship. Another factor is that one should have a strong inner voice and be self-motivated, as no one has the obligation to help, guide and monitor you, you control your own destiny, in which self-discipline is fundamental in the process.

Last but not the least, she encouraged students to try different things or start working as part-time first, so as to find out what they want. Students should consider several questions before making decision. For example, they should understand what they feel, what they really like, what they are good at and feel happiest when doing. If they still could not find out what they want, they should consult with mentors and find solutions. Eventually, students would be able to follow their heart, and find their own path.