The Honours Project Presentation 2020/2021 was held on 5th May. The Honours Project is a compulsory group project-based course for every HCers, aims to provide students with the opportunity to apply knowledge from their disciplines to topics of global issues. Each project is completed under the supervision of supervisors in the respective field of research topics, expecting the projects will satisfy the scholarly standards of the disciplines and of the Honours College.

Beginning with problem discovery, data collection, and further research, after nearly half a year of hard work, the presenters had optimized their project to the finest condition, and finally introduce the project to other HCers and their supervisors on this Honours Project Presentation day.

Honours College gathers excellent students from various colleges together, making the content of the project rich in diversity. This Honours Project Presentation covers topics of social phenomenon research, transportation development, and the impact of the epidemic, etc. With the best endeavours of HCers and the guidance of supervisors, every project has reached the academic standards of the disciplines.