On 19 January 2022, the Honors College Student Association (HCSA) held the first News Discussion Forum in 2022. Prof. Joseph SY-CHANGCO, a professor of Creativity & Marketing courses who is known for his intriguing class activities and projects, was invited to be the distinguished guest speaker.

The theme of this News Discussion Forum is Creative Thinking. The forum began with a series of challenging puzzles. Prof. Joseph SY-CHANGCO conveys the principles of creative thinking by introducing inspiring puzzle solutions and encouraging students to think outside of the box to solve different problems.

During the second half of the forum, students acquired an opportunity to apply the principles of creative thinking into practice. Prof. Joseph SY-CHANGCO asked the students to design a shield for an egg with straws and tapes. Afterwards, he dropped the egg from different heights, aiming to educate students to make use of what they have in hand to solve problems.