A series of Honours College (HC) promotional activities co-organized by the Honours College Student Association (HCSA) were held in March to give freshmen a better understanding of the Honours College Certificate Programme and to entice them to become part of the HC family.

The open application period for the HC Certificate Programme was from March 14 to 27, during which five different events were held, including a three-day postgraduate sharing session, a leadership camp, a community service activity, a talk and an information desk with games and giveaways, while participants also met and interacted with current HC members at these activities.

HC Postgraduate Sharing

The very first activity to kick-off the HC Promotion Month was a three-day online postgraduate sharing via Zoom Meeting, where three preeminent HC alumni were invited to share their experiences in preparing postgraduate applications and their postgraduate life stories on March 10-12.

The three speakers of these sharing sessions, Ms. Cikky HUANG, Mr. Jacky MA, and Ms. Ling HUANG, are doing their further studies in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and the United States respectively during this pandemic.

Following the online postgraduate sharing, attendees were given details on applying to postgraduate degree programmes and advices to help them get into their target institutions from the speakers, such as ways to write a logical personal statement for their application, key factors that would help them gain a competitive edge when applying to schools in Hong Kong and a sensible timeline to help them in planning their postgraduate applications.

Leadership Camp

In order to let students experience what it is like to be a leader, a leadership camp was offered to all UM students on March 19 where participants were able to participate in different mini-activities and learn more about HC’s vision and mission in this 4-hour camp, they also had the opportunity to get along with the HCers during this camp.

Community Service Day

Considered as one of the highlight activities of the HC Promotion Month, the “Assistive Technology Experience Day” held on March 26 provided students with an opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the society they live in and raised their awareness of current issues in Macau.

At the Macau Assistive Technology Resource Centre, participants learned about the services and information of the Centre and experienced the use of different assistive devices, which deepened their understanding of Assistive Technology and could inspire them to participate in social activities.

The event was jointly organized by the HCSA and two non-profit voluntary organizations in Macau, namely the Macau Citizens Mutual Association and the Macau Rotary Club.

HC Certificate Programme Talk

The talk which was held on March 23 provided an opportunity for new students to meet the HC Dean and current HC members, while helping them to get a first glimpse of the College, the process of applying to the programme and meeting its requirements through the Dean’s presentation and current HCSA members’ sharing. In addition, an interactive session was created where freshmen could have a conversation with current HC students.

HC Consultation Counter

To introduce the HC Programme to UM students, HCSA set up a consultation counter at the E6 Learning Commons for four days in March, offered HC programme consultation, HC hoodie fitting, “HC Owl Game for the lucky draw” and giveaways for participants who are interested in the programme.


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