On April 9, 2022, the Honours College Student Association (HCSA) collaborated with Oxfam Macau, a non-governmental organization that strives for ending the injustice of poverty in the world, to co-organize a Tour to North District associated with the theme “Understanding of Macau Poverty Issue”.

The mission of the tour aimed at providing an opportunity for HC students to comprehend the poverty issue in Macau. The tutor from Oxfam provided guidance to the participants to conduct a tour in the North District of Macau and discuss the current poverty situation in the city as well as the history behind different districts of the city with the students. Through this activity, students obtained more comprehensive insight concerning the poverty issue in Macau which could be helpful to cultivate their global perspectives and narrow themselves with society.

During the tour, students walked through the North Distinct in Macau, from the Triangle Garden to Border Gate in Macau, which offered them an extensive understanding on the Macau poverty and smuggling issues. At the end of the activity, students shared their views on what they had observed during the tour.