A series of Honours College (HC) promotional activities co-organized by the Honours College Student Association (HCSA) was held in September to give freshmen a better understanding of the Honours College Certificate Programme. We hope to impress freshmen at the commence of the academic year and entice them to become part of the HC family, encouraging them to strive hard in their academics and nourish their talents.

The HC promotion month was therefore held between September 4 and 29. During that, four different events were held: Meet with HCers 2.0, Escape Room, Community Service Activity co-organised with World Vision, and Consultation Booth in Residential Colleges. Participants could meet and interact with current HC members at these activities.

Meet with HCers 2.0

The outset of the HC promotion month was a gathering between non-HC students who were interested in joining the Honours College Certificated Programme and current HC students. With the experience at the first “Meet with Hcers”, “Meet with HCers 2.0” enhanced the overall procedures and disscussion quality. Participants and current HC students were arranged in groups to communicate on the inquires and experience about the Honours College. Besides, some current HC members initiated some performances to reveal the multi-aspects of the Honours College. The activity expanded students’ personal network and resolved their concerns about HC.

Escape Room

Critical and creative thinking is one of the important competences for being a HC student. On September 16, the escape room activity was held with the provision of three time slots to accommodate students’ need. In the activity, participants took initiative to cooperate and work out solutions to the conundrums by examining them in different perspectives. Students claimed that they obtained senses of satisfaction and achievement during the process and were more eager to engage in problem-solving.

Community Service Activity

Successfully held on September 20, the HCSA X World Vision First Love Workshop provided participants insights on the issue about child marriage. Participants had a deeper understanding on the tragic causes and adverse impacts of the issue. After the introductory talk by World Vision, participants expressed their thoughts on the child marriage via designing a poster and sharing on the concepts of the poster. Awareness and sense of sympathy towards the miserable were raised.

Consultation Booth

To introduce the HC Programme to UM students, HCSA set up consultation booths in the 10 Residential Colleges (RCs). For each RC, the booth was set up for two days, offering HC programme consultation, Instagram filter campaign, and interactive activities for participants who are interested in the programme.

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