At the start of the new academic year, we would like to be prepared for the next cohort of HCSA,  be ready to establish a brand new chapter of HCSA. In order to provoke interested HCers into becoming potential members of the next batch of HCSA, organized by the current HCSA members, the HCSA Mentorship Camp 2023 was held on September 9 to 10, 2023. The two-day-one-night camp was held in both UM and Pousada de Seac Pai Van. 23 HC students participated in the camp.

The series of activities featured in inspiring innovative solution for problems and executing planned strategies in practicality. The “Capture the Flag” activity, in which they tried to capture the other teams’ flags from their bases and took up mini challenges at checkpoints, required participants to critically and creatively, at the same time considering the team’s strengths and weaknesses, to develop different strategies and win the game efficiently and effectively. The “Cooking Mama” activity and the “Egg Protection Challenge” required participants to communicate and cooperate well with each other so as to ensure their plans were carried out properly and achieved the common goals they had. Last but not least, the “Treasure Hunt” activity was divided into dependent stages of tasks that participants had to excel independently in their own stage so as to contribute to the victory of the whole group. 

With the aid of the Mentorship Camp, participants bonded with other HC students with the same thought and build trust among themselves. Students also had a deeper understanding on teamwork and therefore, being able to coordinate better in executing their ideas. In addition, the current HCSA batch shared their experiences and ideas to the participants, which would be helpful in their future performances as HCSA members.