As a warm welcome and gathering for HCers of Class of 2026, an Honours Retreat was held on October 15, 2023 from 09:00 to 18:00 in N1-1005 multi-function room. It was so happy to have Prof. Rose Lai, Prof. Victoria Lei and Dr. Kevin Huang being the three coaches and led the seven groups of HCers.


A series of ice-breaking games and team building activities kicked off the full-day Retreat. Games include memorizing of names, using bricks to transfer the whole group from one point to another without stepping on the floor, playing giant tic-tac-toe, tapping a ball on a drum together, walking on a giant wheel together, etc. which required a strong sense of team building skills. The HCers had shown great team spirit and vitality through the games.


The second part of the Retreat required students to perform a drama spreading the idea of anti-fraud. Each group was responsible for 5 minutes of the story. Not only did they discuss within their own groups, but also collaborated with other groups so that the plots and scenes were connected to form a complete drama presented by all seven groups. The final presentation was excellent with fabulous acting skills and creativity shown by the HCers. The whole drama was a big success. It caught the attention of everyone in the room. The room was also full of waves of laughter.

Students learned that they could complete a task perfectly in a limited time through teamwork. The Retreat united the HCers and let them feel the pleasure as an HCer at the Honours College, which is always a big and warm family.