In a momentous event organized by the newly elected executive members of the University of Macau’s Honours College Student Association (HCSA), a Turnover Ceremony and Study Abroad Pre-departure Gathering took place on December 15, 2023 at the Honours College Multifunction room to welcome the new executive members of HCSA for the upcoming year 2023/2024. The former Vice-President of the HCSA gracefully handed over their responsibilities to the incoming board members, marking a new chapter for the HCSA. The Ceremony was filled with messages of gratitude, appreciation, and encouragement.

The HCSA Turnover Ceremony commenced with a warm welcome message delivered by the esteemed Dean of Honours College, Prof. Rose Neng LAI. The Dean expressed her profound gratitude to the former HCSA executive team for their invaluable service to HCSA. They were recognized for their dedication, hard work, and significant contributions to the HC and HCers. The Dean commended their leadership and acknowledged the positive impact they had on students and the overall development of HCSA.

Following the Dean’s address were the heartfelt messages from the former HCSA Vice-President, Mr. Jimmy Chon Io WONG, who shared his experiences, challenges, and accomplishments, emphasizing the growth and success achieved during his batch tenure. His messages were filled with nostalgia and a sense of fulfilment as he prepared to pass the baton to his successors. Following the heartfelt addresses from the outgoing Vice-President, the incoming HCSA President accepted the challenge entrusted to her team. Starting January 1, 2024, Ms. Jasmine Liyu DENG will take responsibility for leading and carrying on the spirit of HCSA along with her other ten teammates.

The Ceremony also included an inspiring segment where one HC alumnus and a current HC senior student shared their experiences during their study abroad semester in the United States and their appreciation for the generous support provided by the Honours College and University of Macau. They conveyed their well-wishes to the Class of 2025 who will depart for their Study Abroad in the US, the UK and Portugal next semester.

To build up bonding between the new batch of HCSA and HCers, a bracelet DIY workshop was held after a hearty refreshment. Students designed and made personalised bracelets that carry best wishes. This DIY workshop fosters mutual communication and collaboration among HC students.

The Turnover Ceremony marked a significant milestone for the HCSA, as it witnessed the transition of leadership and the ushering in of new HCSA members. The newly elected President expressed her gratitude for the trust bestowed upon her and her team and pledged to uphold the standards of excellence set by their predecessors. With their expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment to academic growth, the HCSA are set to flourish under their leadership in the upcoming academic year.