On Wednesday, March 20, Mr. Kou Hoi In, Mr. Chui Sai Peng, Ms. Ho Sut Heng, local member of the National People’s Congress (NPC), and Mr. Iau Teng Pio and Mr. Lo Iek Long, member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee were invited at MGM to share their insights on “The National People’s Congress and The Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference”, commonly known as “two sessions”.

Several Honours College (HC) students had the opportunity to attend the sharing. There were approximately 200 participants, including Macau people from all walks of life, students from various universities in Macau and the media attended.

Ms. Pansy Ho , Co-chairperson & Executive Director of MGM China Holdings Limited welcomed the guests and expressed their willingness of “Drawing the biggest concentric circles to seize the opportunity of the development of the Greater Bay Area to promote the development of Macau’s diversified industries”. After that, the guest speakers introduced the highlights of the “two sessions”. They indicated that the 14th Five-Year Plan gives pointers on Macau’s future development, and encourage Macau people to seize every opportunity.

Through the sharing,  HC students not only gain a deeper understanding of the nation’s development, but also able to firmly contribute to the construction of a modernized China and Macau in the future with the “Building Concentric Circles” belief.