“Hi, my young brothers and sisters – congratulations to you all. Your admission into the Honours College has proven your capability and eagerness to take up new challenges, as well as your dedication to contribute back to society.”

On Thursday, September 13, 2018, in the refectory of Stanley Ho East Asia College, the Honours College held its annual Admission Ceremony, officially welcoming Class 2021 and Class 2022 into its family. Breaking with past tradition, the HC accepts more students than ever before. This year, a staggering number of 186 new students swelled its ranks. As such, a large gathering of students, their families and honored guests was there to listen as the Dean of HC, Prof. Kai Meng MOK gave a speech introducing the HC, its purpose and meaning.

Nine rounds of students went up on stage to receive the admission certificates. Each round was presided over by Dean MOK and certificates were presented by one of the three Vice Rectors: Vice Rector of Academic Affairs, Prof. Lionel NI, Vice Rector of Global Affairs, Prof. Rui MARTINS, and Vice Rector of Administration, Dr. Mei KOU. The Dean of Students, Mr. Paul PANG and every Faculty Dean (or their representative) as well as the college masters (or their representatives) bore witness to this significant turning point of the HC.