On 28 and 29 October, 2020, two sessions of HC Orientation were held at UM Library Auditorium. The Orientation began with a welcome speech delivered by Prof. Rose Neng LAI, Dean of the Honours College. First of all, Prof. LAI mentioned the core mission of HC, which is to nurture students to become intellectual and competitive leaders not only contributing in Macau, but also in the international arena. The principle of HC is to bring out students’ potential, in order to be responsible leaders that are capable of leading a whole team, in that people would trust and follow your guidance.


Prof. LAI introduced different kinds of honours courses and activities. She added that one of the important attributes of leader is to have good communication skill, which does not merely refer to the ability to speak various languages, but also the ability to understand people, listening to people’s opinion and idea, how to feel for people and how one expresses their feelings. Other than that, HC programme provides opportunity for students from different Residential Colleges to gather together, to learn and communicate with each other. Most importantly, it offers study abroad programme, which is a precious chance to explore the world, learn to be independent, and stay out of our comfort zone. Students could improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills through accomplishing HC requirements, courses and programmes.


Finally, the Honours College Student Association (HCSA) presented their upcoming activities. Students are highly encouraged to join as many activities as possible in their HC life, so as to gain unforgettable memories, experiences, and to be engaged in the HC family.