As the academic year draws to a close, the month of April becomes a significant milestone for the graduating seniors of Class of 2024. It is a time of reflection on their undergraduate journey and a celebration of their accomplishments. At the end of this journey, the Honours Project Symposium of Class of 2024 took place, showcasing the culmination of their hard work and academic growth.

The Honours Project Symposium was held on April 24, 2024, in the E12 building. This event serves as a platform for senior students from the Honours College to demonstrate their comprehensive understanding of perspectives, theories, concepts, and skills acquired throughout their Honours Project course, HONR4001.

The Honours Project Symposium featured engaging oral presentations and poster exhibitions, allowing the Class of 2024 to present the fruits of their Honours Projects to their peers, fellow students, and professors. It was an opportunity for the graduating students to showcase their abilities to think critically and apply practical knowledge gained during their time at the university.

The symposium marked the culmination of their undergraduate journey, representing the successful completion of their degrees. It was a momentous occasion for the Class of 2024, as they not only celebrated their achievements but also demonstrated their readiness to embark on the next chapter of their lives.